“Production and bottling of extra virgin organic-bio olive oil”


In Kokkari village, above Tsamadou beach at an altitude of 150 m., you can find our olive grove, which is situated in Paleokaliva area along the road leading to Vourliotes village. There can be found old and new olive trees of the variety “Throumba Samos”. The trees are cultivated according to modern bio-cultivation methods with respect to nature and Samos ecosystem.

We grow our olive trees in an organic landscape with love and passion, following the organic approved agricultural methods in order to produce the extra virgin organic olive oil. We are familiar with the fact that this method gives a better quality of living to the olive grove itself and at the same time the olive oil we produce is of excellent quality.


We produce our olive oil from the olive fruit variety “Throumba Samos”.

The early harvest and the best practices we apply while picking the fruit provide us with an olive oil that is characterized by its yellowy-golden color with green tinges, its high-intensity fruity aroma and its mild bitter spicy flavor character.

It is rendered to be consumed either fresh or cooked by its balanced taste profile and its delightful aroma. It is an excellent ingredient for every dish of Mediterranean diet. It is a natural, organic product of high nutritional value with a great taste, free of any chemical additives.


We harvest the olive fruit very carefully according to the traditional way by beating the olive trees with a pole. The very same day the fruit is delivered to an approved oil mill ISO22000 in order to have the pressing procedure executed. The product of this extract is the cold-pressed olive oil. The product transportation and storage is taking place in stainless steel containers, olive oil remains in tanks for extremely short time, though. After conducting the necessary scientific analysis (chemical and taste) follows the bottling procedure.

The chemical and taste analysis of the product takes place just before the bottling procedure. The chemical parameters tested are the following: acidity and peroxides, K232 and K268. It is important to confirm that every consignment of olive oil is agreed with the international standards of the olive oil classification as “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”. It needs to be confirmed that every single olive oil element has significantly shown lower measurements than the accustomed ones.

Every consignment of olive oil undergoes a flavor test in order to ensure that there are no flows. We handle our product in this way having as our main goal to highlight its unique characteristics in the best possible way.

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